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Welcome to our techy twin paradise.

We’re Lily + Patricia, your online tech geniuses. We’re so glad you’re here!

If you’ve stumbled across our page, we want you to know right away, because we believe in starting off relationships on the right foot, that we’re not just another web design company.

There’s a face (actually there are two!) behind these pictures and words.

And before we start chatting away, we have one question for you. We want you to close your eyes and think about every…single…minute you spend during an average week trying to DIY your own website.

You know, tweak the font, insert that opt-in box, align the text boxes.

Now we don’t want you to actually sit there and start adding up the minutes this takes you… ….but we do want you to think about every minute you’re not spending growing your business.

Not to mention all of those great ideas that you have lying around that you’ve never had time to implement. Makes you think, huh?

Sure, you may be saving your money DIY’ing it, but you’re actually losing out BIG time in the long-run. Because you’re not ‘out there’ doing good work.

Now, here’s our QUESTION.

Can you afford to keep doing this to yourself down the road?

And if that answer is no, then friend, let’s get to know each other! Because we are all about helping you spend quality time in your zone of genius. Which is you helping people, creating transformations and doing what you do best. Right?

Plus, this allows us to play in our zone of genius! Did we mention that we  actually LOVE doing that stuff you despise. Think opt-in boxes, design templates, fonts, styles. We better stop, we’re gushing already!

So if you’re ready to play a BIGGER game and be seen as the professional that you really are, we’re ready to take the design element off your hands so that you can go show off…

…on the client playing field. Because we understand that that’s where you’re meant to play.

Meet The Twins Behind Syt Biz

Photography & Video by Vanessa Malzahn

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