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Who We Are

We, Lily + Patricia, believe in quality over quantity. We believe in putting our families first. We believe in working with clients who we love and who love us back…hopefully equally…if not a little more.

We believe in being honest with our clients (Build it and they will come only works if you’re Kevin Costner).

Finally, we believe that your success is our success which means we are totally, 100% invested in designing a site for you that will take your business to the next level.

How We Got Here

We’re the daughters of a computer engineer. So it’s not that out-of-the-box that we’ve had a love affair with technology since the tender age of 6. We’ve been tinkering with computers for as long as we can remember, starting with our first typing class (which we failed) to creating websites to share our poetry with the world. 

And yet, our path wasn’t that clear cut. At some point, Lily was studying pre-law and I was in school to become an early childhood teacher.  Our paths changed a few more times until we decided it was time to create our own opportunities. Our lives (and families) dictated a need to create a business that would allow us to make our families a priority rather than an afterthought. 

Our adorable kiddos

We started our first company (no not this one), BCB Staffing LLC, in 2010. And we’ve just kept evolving since then, as a brand is supposed to do. Today we bring you Syt Biz, a name which really fits for who we are and what we do. Someone asked us once if we chose Syt as a play on the word site, and we said no it’s a happy coincidence. And just one more sign that the pieces were falling into place.

This year we’ve decided to make yet another change, to focus on working with mompreneurs. They face a unique set of challenges that we are all too familiar with. And as such, we’re more than happy to help them the best way we can, by creating websites that will help them take their businesses to the next level. 

In 2015, we launched our passion project, Operation SYT Launch. As a former military wife, Lily decided that she wanted to do something to give back to the military community. Since web design is something that comes easily to us (and that we LOVE doing) we thought it was the perfect way to give back. We created a project that provides discounted websites to biz owners in the military community. For more information, click here.

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