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Running a business takes a LOT of different tools & resources. We’ve decided to share with you some of our favorites.

*DISCLAIMER* Some of these links are affiliate links which mean that we will get a fee if you end up making a purchase. We would never recommend a tool that we don’t believe in and that we wouldn’t use for our own business.


As website designers, we’ve dealt with hosting for our clients and for our own websites. We’ve had quite a few bad experiences but we are SUPER happy with our newest provider. Siteground is quite affordable (especially if you prepay for a year or more) and their customer service is responsive and really helpful. You can look at their available plans here: Siteground hosting plans.

Web Hosting

Active Campaign

Another tool we deal with on a regular basis is e-mail marketing. Often clients think the only options are Aweber or MailChimp. We’ve recently switched to ActiveCampaign and we’ve been really happy with the choice. For a similar price to MailChimp, it is much more robust. Check it out here: Active Campaign

Elegant Themes

There was a time when we worked with multiple themes. Then, Divi came along. And now it’s ALL we work with. The best part is, an Elegant Themes membership will give you (for the price of one theme) access to 87 themes plus multiple plugins! If Divi doesn’t work for you, you can always try one of the other themes instead. Check it out here: Elegant Themes


Staying organized is a huge part of running a small business. Between client projects and the many many things we deal with on a daily basis, creating lists is a MUST. You can use it to track pretty much everything, personal or professional. You can even mix it up with different backgrounds and other power-ups. Check it out here: Trello

Speaking of organization, systems is essential to any small business (especially if you ever plan to expand). Systems were on our list for a LONG time and the biggest hurdle was finding a way to document them. solved that problem! Check it out here:


Automating is also super important, especially when you’re a one woman (or two woman) operation. Scheduling appointments is one of the easiest things to automate (plus it prevents double booking). We’ve tried quite a few options and finally landed on Acuity. Check it out here: Acuity

Zoho Vault

Tired of trying to remember your passwords? A password manager is a must have. We use Zoho Vault which has been an absolute lifesaver. *Warning* Do not forget your passphrase. It cannot be reset and you will lose all of your passwords. But isn’t one passphrase much easier than a million passwords? Check it out here: Zoho Vault

Adobe Stock

Need images for your website? Our new favorite source is Adobe Stock. It’s an annual subscription but you are billed monthly. Check it out here: Adobe Stock

Billion Photos

Another good source for photos is billion photos. For a monthly subscription fee you can download up to 50 images in one day, which is more than we’ve ever needed so it’s definitely worth the price. Check it out here: Billion Photos


Need images but low on funds? Another option is Unsplash. They have quite a selection of free images that can be used for commercial purposes. Check it out here: Unsplash

Creative Market

Another option for images (and so much more) is Creative Market. You can purchase styled images, fonts, templates, etc. As a designer I could spend hours just looking at everything on this site. Check it out here: Creative Market


Need to collect info from your clients? Typeform is a free option that still looks very professional. You can upgrade for more features. Check it out here: Typeform

2017 Awesome Marketing Planner System

All the tools in the world won’t help if you don’t know what to do to grow your business. Don’t the word planner fool you, it’s an entire marketing system that helps you plan exactly what you need to do for success in 2017. Bonus, there’s a very active and supportive FB group! Check it out here: 2017 Awesome Marketing Planner System

Awesome Marketing Planner System

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

This is a resource that may not be for everyone but it has had a tremendous effect on our business. Dealing with our money blocks helped us in reaching our best month ever! Check it out here: Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

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