10 Fantastic Tutorials To Help You Personalize Your Website

One of my favorite parts of working with Divi is the ability to completely customize your sites. I’ve heard complaints that all Divi sites look alike but I totally disagree. It just requires a little time and creativity and your site can be awesome. Check out these tutorials that will help you to make your site stand out from the rest.

1. Create cool looking buttons.

One of the weakest features of Divi is the generic buttons. This tutorial shows you how to create buttons that will stand out and make your visitors click. My personal favorite is the button that has an engaging image over the button. How better to convince your visitors to sign up for your list than to point to the sign up button? View the tutorial here.

2. Style the blurb module.

The blurb module is a great way to describe your services or tell people about your offerings. But the default look is definitely, blah. This tutorial shows you how to brand the blurbs and make them look much more inviting. View the tutorial here.

3. Create a cool looking contact form.

What better way to get people to fill out a form and get in touch with you? My favorite is the one that has an envelope. A literal yet very awesome translation of a contact form. View the tutorial here.

4. Revamp your sidebar.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to customize the look of your sidebar in Divi. But with this tutorial, you can transform your sidebar with just a bit of code (just cut and paste!). Then it is just a matter of experimenting until you find the look that you want. View the tutorial here. The image below is an example of a website with a sidebar.

5. Add social media icons in the top header.

Divi has the option to add social media icons in the header but the social media sites you can add are very limited. This tutorial will show you how to add more networks, without having to use a plugin. View the tutorial here.

6. Create a slim sign up form.

I changed my mind, one of Divi’s weakest features is the default subscribe module. While it gets the job done, it’s not great to look at. This tutorial shows you how to create a slim, horizontal optin form. Much nicer to look at and it means that you can have an optin form that can be one of the first things your visitor sees, but isn’t necessarily overwhelming. View the tutorial here.

7. Float an image in between sections.

I’ve always wanted to use this effect on one of our websites but have never found a time when it fit the design. View the tutorial here.

8. Turn one of your menu items into a call to action.

Is there a specific page on your website that you really want visitors to visit? Turn the link into a button! Make it eye catching and therefore, irresistible to your visitors. View the tutorial here.

9. Create eye catching testimonials.

Social proof is the best way to convince a prospect to hire you instead of the many other people who provide the same service. Check out this tutorial to jazz up the available testimonial module. View the tutorial here.

10. Use gradients to jazz up your backgrounds.

Gradients are a new feature, made available during a recent update. This tutorial shows you how to use it on your site. View the tutorial here.

One of my favorite things about Divi is the never ending resources available online to help you customize and manage your site. These tutorials are just the beginning! What are you waiting for? It’s time to design a website that helps you stand out from all the others!

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