10 Must Have Apps That I Use to Run My Life & Biz

If you’re anything like me (Lily), your phone is practically glued to your hand. I use mine for everything. Whether it’s managing my finances, tracking appointments, or playing games, it’s on pretty much 24/7.

Here are just some of the apps that I use & recommend:

1. Asana – We’ve recently started using Asana as an all in one tool for managing our business. We track internal projects, content, client projects, pretty much everything you can think of. The Asana app gives me an overview of everything that I am working on. I can even get reminders on my phone when I have a task to complete or a task that is past due.

2. 7 Weeks – This app is a recent discovery but already it’s one I can’t live without. It allows you to track every time you complete a task, encouraging you to keep the streak going for as long as possible, until you form a new habit. Some of the tasks I’m tracking include exercising, practicing gratitude and tracking my money. It feels so good to see the long streaks of X’s that show I’ve been really good at doing what I am supposed to be doing.

3. Forest – This kind of goes against the whole I need my phone 24/7 idea but still, it’s a must download. You turn the app on, set a timer (during which you are not allowed to use your phone) and if you manage to focus on your task for the whole time, your tree grows! It’s a very visual way of tracking how focused you’ve been on work, school, anything you need to do. I’m just getting started so my forest isn’t too impressive, but here it is anyway!

4. Zoho Vault – If you’re anything like us, you have a million and one passwords to remember daily. One option is to make all your passwords the same but that’s not very secure, is it? Another option is to use a password manager like Zoho Vault. All you have to remember is your Zoho password and passphrase. Two is better than a million eh?

5. Jotter Pad – Sometimes you just want to write. No frills, no extras, just focus. Use JotterPad as a simple text editor to write without any distractions.

6. MindMeister – Mind mapping is a genius way of doing brain dumps, mapping out a course, etc. I’ve previously used MindMeister online but I only recently downloaded the app on my phone. It’s easy to use although with a tiny phone screen a computer is still probably the better option.

7. PayPal – The PayPal app helps us to track our business finances. We can look at our account activity, request money, all from our phone.

8. PayPal Here – The PayPal Here app allows you to charge credit cards. It’s often used by business owners who conduct business in person but you can also use it to manually charge a credit card. It’s really helped us out the few times when we’ve dealt with clients face to face.

9. Pocket – I’m constantly finding things that I need to read but I never have time to actually read them. I use Pocket to save links so I can go back whenever it’s convenient for me.

10. Playster – Life is more than about business so I felt a need to include this app. Playster has audio books, e-books, and even music for a flat fee. As much as I love Audible, the $14.95 per month is a high cost when you only get 1 credit per month. Playster is unlimited! Much more cost effective and they have a great selection.

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