3 Reasons Why Blogging Could Be Good For Your Biz

If you ask people what you should be doing to market your business, it’s a good bet that blogging has come up once or twice. I have to admit that in the 7 years since we’ve launched our business, blogging hasn’t really been a high priority for us. Recently we decided that we should give it one more try. We’ve even invited people to guest post on our blog and that’s been going pretty well.

Wondering if its time for you to give blogging one more try? Here are 3 reasons why it could be a good move for your business:

1. It builds your credibility.

There is so much information available online and trying to sift through it all can get overwhelming fast. Blogging provides you with the opportunity to educate your community and establish yourself as the go to person for your topic. As a bonus, if you can make a normally boring or super complicated topic more accessible, it will definitely help build your following.

As an example, I’ve been following Denise Duffield Thomas for years. When the time came to drop big bucks on her Lucky Bitch Bootcamp, it was a no brainer because I already knew from her blog that she knew her stuff and her approach to the topic really resonated with me.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

2. It saves you time.

I’m in a lot of Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and one of the more popular topics is how to scale your business. After all there’s only so many hours in a day and even though you might want to, you can’t help everyone. Blog posts are a great way to share your expertise with multiple people without constantly burning yourself out.

For example, are people always asking you about how you wrote a #1 Best Seller on Amazon? You could write a post called, “5 Tips For Writing A Best Seller” and share that with anyone who asks about your process, rather than taking the time to explain it over and over.

Speaking of saving time, you can even repurpose your blog posts. Take a few posts around the same topic and put them together to create an e-book. With a little bit of editing you can use it as a bonus resource for your list or as a low cost product to create passive income. Using the blog posts will take you considerably less time than starting from scratch.

3. You can drive traffic to your website.

If Facebook groups are a part of your marketing strategy, you can promote your blog posts in them to drive traffic to your website. Check each group for the guidelines to make sure you’re following the rules, then take advantage of the opportunities to promote your posts. For example, some of my groups have specific threads to share links to blog posts, while others let you promote on any day as long as it’s not a paid offer.

Blogging, like anything else in business, isn’t for everyone. If it becomes too much of a chore, then it’s time to explore other options. But if you’ve never really tried, or if you tried before but maybe gave up too soon, it might be time to try one more time.

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