5 Ways To Upgrade Your Website To Book More Clients

Can you believe it’s 2019? It feels like 2018 just flew by! If upgrading your website is on your to do list for the new year, you’re in the right place.

I know what you’re thinking. You don’t have enough time to hire a designer, write new copy, find images, and all those other things that go into making a brand new website.  There are so many moving pieces when redesigning your website that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and quit before you even get started.

The good news is, you don’t need design and build a new website. You can easily upgrade your what you have, even without hiring a designer (Although if you want to hire one, we can tell you where to look! wink wink).

Here are five ways to upgrade your website so you can start booking more clients in 2019:

1. Update your photos.

New photos can make a noticeable difference in your website design. When we rebranded last summer we invested in a branding shoot with a local photographer and we’re so thrilled with how it turned out. If the photos on your About page are so old that people can barely recognize you, that’s a good place to start. Add a recent photo so people can see who they are hiring.

Professional photos would be best of course, but in a pinch you can take your own (cell phone cameras have come a long way!). You can also use a stock photo website like IvoryMix.com to create photos for your Services page or to add some branded graphics to your blog.

2. Show off your recent successes.

Have you recently wrapped up an awesome project? Ask your client to write a testimonial and add it to your website. Or  create a gallery of your recent work. Anything that shows people what you can do or gives them a glimpse of your process can help draw them in and make them want to work with you.

 Have you been featured on another website or recently interviewed on a podcast? If you’ve been published on other websites showing them off can help build your credibility, and allows your audience the chance to get to know you better. How can you work these into your website? Add links to the specific posts or interviews, you can see how we did that on our About page. Another option is to create an “As Seen On” section and include the logos for the different places you’ve been featured. 

3. Make it easy to take action.

Add links to your social media profiles so people can easily connect with you. You can add your profiles to your Contact page or get more fancy by using a plugin to float social media icons on every page. 

And what about when people are ready to work with you? Do you have an easy way for people to purchase your products and services? If not, now’s the time to add those in so your prospective clients can easily take action. Keep in mind that if you’re just starting out, you can keep things pretty basic. PayPal buttons are pretty easy to set up whether you’re selling services or digital products.

If you need to speak with someone before letting them buy, you can set that up on your site as well. We love https://buttonizer.pro for adding call to actions to your site. 

4. Create new content.

If it’s been awhile since you created new content for your site, now is a great time to do that too. Create some new posts and schedule them out.

Once you’re done with scheduling you can create shareable images using a program like Canva.com  to promote your new posts on social media and drive traffic back to your blog. To save yourself some time you can create templates and re-use them for future posts. Here are the 4 templates we use to create Pinterest graphics for our posts:

5. Do some housekeeping.

Have a bunch of plugins to update? Create a back up of your website using a program like https://managewp.com then run the necessary updates. That way in case there’s any issues you can restore your website from the back up copy.

And speaking of plugins, now might be a good time to review the ones you have on your site to see if there’s anything you can de-activate and delete. Too many plugins will only slow down your site so you need to make sure you only keep the ones you need.

And that’s it! Five ways to upgrade your site to book more clients that you can implement today! Want this post as a checklist so you can reference it as you upgrade your site?  Click below to get the PDF download, no opt in required.

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