Behind the scenes: How we launch a website in 7 days

When I tell most people that our signature service involves launching a website in 7 days, they’re ask “How?”.

The short answer is, by creating pre-made designs to streamline the process and eliminating a lot of the decision overwhelm associated with creating custom website designs.

The long answer is…longer. So here’s a behind the scenes peek at how we create and launch websites in just 7 days.

Day 1: We hop on a call with the client to confirm the template they’ve chosen, what information we’ll need from them. If needed, we help them sign up for any relevant accounts like hosting and e-mail marketing.

Day 2: The client sends us all of their content. This means their copy, any images that they want to use and their brand colors. When possible, we love to use the client’s photos, including photos of them, their workplace or samples of their work. We also use stock photo websites like Adobe Stock and Ivory Mix to find additional images as needed.

Day 3-4: We build the website. This means we load the chosen template and customize the colors of the site to match the client’s branding. Then we plug in all of the client’s content. 

Day 5: We hop on a call with the client to show them the website and look for any potential bugs that need to be resolved before the launch. This could include things such as missing images or links that do not work.

Day 6: We finish making any final tweaks. 

Day 7: We launch the brand new website!

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