Chantel – Business Consultant tells us the importance of finding our own path to success

As entrepreneurs, we tend to compare our success with that of other entrepreneurs. But the truth is success is what you decide it is and not what other people tell you. In this episode, Chantel talks about the importance of recognizing that what works for others may not work for us and there’s no problem with because at the end of the day it’s our life and we’ve just got to live it. 


Chantel is a freelance, corporate, high-tech, business consultant, MBA and Founder of Harmonious Work Life. She has built and rebuilt her career over the years, because she knew she had to create her own path.

When she figured out exactly how to showcase her strengths in a competitive job market, she had employers chasing her, and knew she could teach others to do the same.

Which is why she started Harmonious Work Life. Harmonious means having the parts agreeably related, rather than chasing the myth that you can have it all, when all that gets you is burnout.

She now helps others to clarify their career goals and take the action necessary to achieve them, because she truly believe you need to enjoy your work and lead a fulfilling life!

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