Chatting Over Coffee

Come for the business advice, stay for the hilarious twins and awesome guests!

The Hosts

We are Lily and Patricia, the twin tech geniuses behind Syt Biz.

Our journey through entrepreneurship has been anything but straightforward. We went through so many different versions of our business in just the first 4 years!

Now we want to share our experience to hopefully save other entrepreneurs the time and headaches we went through. Along the way, conversations may steer into subjects that aren’t necessarily business related such as Bob’s Burgers, Friends, K Pop, and all things in between. 


Business Consultant talks about the journey from the corporate world to starting a business

She left the frustrations of the corporate world behind because she no longer wanted to give her the best self to an organization. In this episode, Nora talks about recognizing what you want and giving yourself a chance to do what you´ve always wanted. Every woman has an expertise and can share it to create a successful business.

Watch Nora’s episode here.

Shantel Perschon

Bio: I’m Shantel. I’m a wife, mom, corporate accountant, real estate investor, landlord, and the owner of The Penny Practice LLC. I’m also an early riser, a podcast junkie, a skier, a cake lover and a die hard Grey’s anatomy fan.  I grew up in Teton Valley, ID and...

Chantel – Business Consultant tells us the importance of finding our own path to success

As entrepreneurs, we tend to compare our success with that of other entrepreneurs. But the truth is success is what you decide it is and not what other people tell you. In this episode, Chantel talks about the importance of recognizing that what works for others may not work for us and there’s no problem with because at the end of the day it’s our life and we’ve just got to live it.