Let Your Website Do The Talking

Design. Copy. Marketing.
Let’s create an online presence that looks, sounds, and feels like you.

You didn’t get into business to hustle.

You got into business to thrive and most of the time, you’re killing it.

But what if it could all be easier?

What if, your website could do the talking for you?

Let us explain. A good website is supposed to:

bring in qualified leads and sell people on autopilot

represent you and show you off as the expert you are

help people feel like they know you without having met you

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and create visibility for you and your message then…

Let us create an online presence that you’re proud to show off.

But who are we anyway?

We’re the three experts who are going to help you shine online. Think of us as the Louise, Tina and Gene to your Bob. (Except we’re NOT terrible).

Wondering how all the pieces (design, copy, and marketing) fit together?

We Find Your Perfect Look

Once we’ve got your messaging down pat, we have some fun with your design. How do you want to express yourself online? This is where we dig into mood boards and figure out your exact right design aesthetic that will represent you and resonate with your ideal clients.

We Write Your Website Words

We believe that design + copy go together like a great burger and beer (or whatever your favorite pairing might be!). Having the right web design is just one half of a mega-successful website – you need the right words too. Because the right copy can do the talking (and selling) for you.

We Set Up Your Marketing

This is where we hone in on your messaging and zero in on your digital marketing strategy. Because if you want to get consistent website traffic coming in and more (of the right) eyes on your business, you can’t keep being the best-kept secret on the internet!

We Launch Your Website

Party time! Seriously, this is the best part. After refining your message, designing your website, and writing your web copy – we LAUNCH. We show you off as the expert you are to the world. So you can get more of the right people knocking on your virtual door!

This package includes…

1 Month content calendar

6 page website written and designed FOR YOU

5 Images from Adobe Stock

Branding board

2 - 90 minute intensives (re: design & copy)

1 year of website maintenance services

Investment - $7500

(fill out our quick + easy application to get started on the website of your dreams)

And if you want to know what our clients think about us…

If you’re in need of a business website or an update to your current website, you’ll be delighted to work with Patricia of Syt Biz.

I received “Golden Rule” treatment — fast, friendly, quality website design! My questions and any concerns were addressed promptly. Patricia communicates clearly. She takes the pain out of tech. She’s patient with tech-challenged people like myself.

I wish I’d met her a couple of years ago when I was struggling to get my website up and running! I’m a happy Syt Biz fan now. 🙂

Better get on her schedule before her waiting list gets too long.

Julia Daniels

Freelance Content Writer

I’ve never felt so heard by someone.

Who can help me find the words? I knew what I wanted to get across in my business, but I needed someone to help me explain it. Diane was that person.

Lisa Friedt

Creative Strategist

I attracted a client without even trying.

As I was talking with this woman the tables turned, and she was excited to work with me.

I wasn’t even selling, I was talking about what I stand for.

Justina Ford

Makeup Artist & Mindset Coach

Lily has been fantastic to work with. Our nonprofit organization K9s Serving Vets was looking for something better than the design company we were with and we certainly found it with Lily! Our organization is so grateful to have been referred to her. Right out of the gate it was clear that Lily and Patricia were committed to understanding what we do, how we help Veterans and how we want to convey that through our website.

It’s great to have a consultant create a great product but having that consultant take the time to understand your business so that they can deliver exactly what you’re looking for is outstanding. We have received countless compliments on the site. Veterans and military spouses working together to support our heroes is a great combination!

Kira Clark

K9s Serving Vets

Here’s the thing. We don’t work with everyone.

We’re at a point in our business where we want to work with women business owners who are ready to thrive.

It’s a different kind of energy and working relationship, you know?

It’s all about positivity, moving forward, and abundance – and that’s how we do our best work.

We also believe in being fair and we don’t want to waste anyone’s time or money, if we don’t think this is the right fit or package for you.

What’s it costing you NOT to have a website that works for you…

New Clients (a good website is a lead generation tool that will bring you in the qualified leads you're looking for and sell them on auto-pilot)

That Next Level of Success (you know you want it and you know you're deserving of it - we believe with a web presence that truly represents you, you can have it)

Your Sanity? Kidding (but not really). We get what it's like to be working IN your business ALL. THE. TIME. We all need support to help us reach new heights, keep us sane, and help us do the work we really love.

Let Your Website Do The Talking Investment: $7500

It’s time for you to thrive, don’t you think? Let’s DO this.

(fill out our quick + easy application to get started on the website of your dreams)


How long will this take?
From start to finish, your website will take 6-8 weeks to complete.
What if I don't have the time?
We understand that you’re busy and 6 to 8 weeks might seem like a long time to invest in something. But the reality is, the time will pass anyway, why not take the opportunity to create something that will attract your ideal clients and do the selling for you? Besides, with 3 pros in your corner, you’ll have plenty of support in bringing your vision to life!
What if I'm bad at using tech?
That’s exactly why you should hire us! Lily & Patricia will take all of your tech headaches away, all you have to do is love your new website.
What's the cost of all this?
The investment for this package is $7500, payable in one or two installments.
Why should I hire a designer?
Would you pull your own tooth? Probably not. To get a website that is truly representive of you and your amazing business, you need professionals to create a custom look that is tailored to your brand. That’s where we come in.
Why is copy included?
If we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that good website design isn’t complete without good copy. You need both to show your clients that you are the professional they want to work with.
Who are Tina, Gene, Louise and Bob? I thought your names were Lily, Diane and Patricia?

So we make a lot of pop culture references, which you’ll see if we work together. And you’ll definitely be a Bob’s Burgers fan by the time your website is launched!