Niki Spears – Motivational Speaker talks about the importance of implementing the passive culture in the education world

Whether it is in-person or virtual, teachers and students should share a safe space full of positive energies. In this episode, Niki Spears shares her experience as a teachers’ teacher and tells us some of the benefits that passive culture brings to students’ and teachers’ lives. 


Niki Spears is a motivational speaker and author of The Beauty Underneath the Struggle~ Creating Your BUS Story and a new children’s book titled, The Hand Hug. Niki travels the country sharing her passion for embracing struggles as amazing opportunities to move into purpose. Niki believes that when you walk in purpose, you feel passionate about life, and the pages of your story will naturally evolve as you begin to see the Beauty Underneath the Struggle. Grab your pencil and join Niki on this journey to self-discovery as you create your best BUS story!

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