How To – The Zen Approach To Copywriting For Bloggers

Have you found yourself feeling a little icky when it comes to writing sales copy for your blog? If you answered yes, it’s okay. Selling isn’t the most comfortable task in your business.

It’s one of the least favorite things for bloggers. No one wants to write something that reads like, an annoying used car salesman that won’t shut up until you buy that little red sports car you don’t need.

Hard sell copywriting otherwise know as direct response marketing is not the right fit for the blogging world. It’s salesy and doesn’t work with most blogging audiences.

The word Zen in the title most likely caught your eye. It’s not a word that’s often associated with copywriting right? Well, it’s the opposite of hard selling and is a much better type, of copywriting for bloggers.

Zen copywriting is a passive approach to selling. It’s about writing copy in a way that’s more natural and appealing to your audience. No fast talking high-pressure sales copy required. It’s using words in a way that leads your audience to take an instinctive path to purchasing from you.

Ahhhh… Can you feel the zen?

No more feeling icky about asking people to buy your stuff.

How do you go about writing this type of copy for your own, blog? I’m glad you asked because I’m sharing everything you need to know about crafting zen-like copy.

Zen Approach To Copywriting For Bloggers

Swipe File

Something I recommend to everyone who writes content, create a swipe file. This is simply a file you set up on your computer where you collect sentences from articles that catch your eye or headlines you see that are unique.

You never want to copy anything word for word, but you can use this swipe file as inspiration. A point of reference to get you started.

Four U’s Of Copywriting

  1. Useful – Make your content helpful. Don’t write something just for the sake of writing it. Provide, valuable information your audience can take action on, that will help them with their problems.
  2. Unique – No one can write from your point of view or in your voice. Write about a topic from a different perspective and avoid buzzwords or cliches.
  3. Urgent – When writing sales copy, use words to create a sense of urgency. This works great for getting people to take action faster.
  4. Ultra-Specific – The more, specific your copy is will only make it more compelling. You want to address your ideal audience’s specific problems and provide them with specific solutions.
AIDA Formula For Writing Blog Posts

Before you write one word, make sure to have a clear why, define your audience, and develop a content strategy. Otherwise, your content can become disorganized and fall flat with your readers.

The AIDA formula is the ideal technique for a great blog post. It’s not hard but requires a little thought.
Do your research, then create an outline to guide your writing and help keep you focused.

Attention – Your headline and intro are most important to, grabbing your readers attention. Generic headlines and boring intros blend in with the crowd. Use unexpected words in your title. In the intro, ask a yes question, tell a story or say something controversial.

Interest – Hold your reader’s interest by showing you can relate to their struggles and understand their problems. Write like you’re speaking to one person. Be the one who, really gets them.

Desire – Make your audience crave everything you write. Peak their intellectual curiosity, then use words that will shift that curiosity to them making a decision. Show the value of what you’re selling and how it will solve all their problems.

Action – Every post you write should direct readers to take some kind, of action. You can ask questions at the end of your article to spark comments. You could offer a lead magnet to encourage opt-ins, include links to other related posts or send them to your landing page. Anything that will encourage action.

Pro Tips

  • When writing anything for your blog keep it short and concise. Avoid fluff and anything off topic.
  • Use active voice instead of passive.
  • Remember to create a sense of urgency (including bonuses works well.)
  • Proofread two or three times. There’s nothing worse than a boat load of mistakes.


While writing sales copy is not the most fun, it’s a necessary evil if you want to make money with your blog. Copy that is well-crafted is the key to getting money out of someone else’s pocket and into yours.

Copywriting for bloggers is not the same as writing copy for say Nike. There’s a difference in the approach. You wouldn’t ask your audience to just do it. There’s a story that needs to be told first, to gain trust before you can ask them to buy.

Although it’s tempting to sit down at your computer and write whatever comes to mind, it’s not the best plan. Okay, it’s not a plan at all. You need a well-defined content strategy that aligns with your business goals and audience needs for your blog to be successful.

Get your copy right, and you’ll get the sale.

Get To Know Our Guest Blogger

Lori Smith is a copywriter and content strategist. She works with brands that operate outside the typical paradigm and require an elusive and distinctive quality to their copy. She uses words to seduce and persuade customers to take action.

When she’s not playing with words, you can find her on the golf course playing bad golf or snuggling with her two adorable furbabies

You can see more of her work at or catch up with her on Facebook at

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