We understand the pressures of being a supermom and running a successful business.

Your time is valuable. And in short supply. You’ve got better things to do than figure out what’s what when it comes to designing your website.

That’s where we come in.

Meet The Twins

If you don’t think WordPress or web design is fun, that’s because you haven’t met this team! And yes… we occasionally talk in third person. 😉

Here at Syt Biz headquarters (a.k.a our homes full of children) we deliver professional web designs with a personal touch. We tackle the tech so you spend less of your free time googling plug-ins and more time with the ones you love. Easy peasy.

We’ve been working with computers since high school and have been hustling mompreneur-style for 10 years. And while entrepreneurship seems fancy and cool, let’s face it… many of us choose this lifestyle out of passion AND necessity.

For us, living as a military family and having special needs children meant we needed a career that would work with us, not against. After working as virtual assistants, running several business, and conforming to limiting work models, we decided to unleash our potential by creating our own opportunities. We finally focused in on what we do best and began designing WordPress sites exclusively. It’s been almost 6 years, folks and we’re still doing what we love, running a business that puts our family first and helping clients to do the same.


Step 1: Choose your template

Choose your template. We’ll customize it for you using your font choices, brand colors and images.


Step 2: Give us your content

You submit your content in it’s final form. This includes any text and images we need for your website. 

Step 3: We build your new site

We do the hard part! We take your content, insert it in the template and you’ll have your new site in 7 days!

It has been such a pleasure working with Lily & Patricia. I am not tech savvy when it comes to websites and they helped me to build my first website on WordPress because I had no idea where to start!

We worked together through the process and they made it so easy for me to get content to them, to make updates and more!

I am now currently in the rebrand process and they are helping me to build the new site as well!! They built an entire template for me that I can now go in and edit myself!

Syt Biz is your go to for all WordPress website needs!! These gals are awesome to work with and get the job done quickly! Brittany Dixon, Brittany & Co Consulting

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